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A modular phone of Alcatel could arise next month

When we are almost a month that would start the MWC in Barcelona, the most important mobile event in the world, we’ll know new information about what may occur in this fair. One of the firms that will attend and present various phones will be Alcatel, and by what we have known today one of them would be modular, as those who have seen this last year of LG and Moto from Lenovo with different host. We will learn more about this modular Alcatel phone that could occur next month.

Alcatel still launching new terminals almost every month, as the last of their phablet, economic Alcatel A3 XL offering a huge six-inch screen at an attractive price that is House brand, let’s know what is what will bring us the brand at MWC.

A modular phone of Alcatel in MWC 2017

These are the information have known today, and that coded in a particular number the number of Mobile brand that we will see in Barcelona, specifically five. Although undoubtedly the star of this filtering is that the firm would launch a phone modular, the first in its history. Modular phones do not have enjoyed too many good reviews in recent months, especially in the case of LG, which has seen the modularity of your LG G5 has been more like a ballast advantage, in fact his successor already will not have this feature.

teléfono modular de Alcatel

Well, it seems that the new terminal of Alcatel would have a back cover which may attach different modules with different functions that have not yet transpired. The back cover would be similar to that you can see in these images filtered with this information. The logical thing is that the modularity of this new terminal of Alcatel is similar to the one offered by the Moto-Z last year, whose modules are coupled magnetically to the back of the phone.

teléfono modular de Alcatel

On his sheet, he speculates on that could count on a MediaTek’s eight-core processor, together with a 13 megapixel camera with LED flash of double tone. It has even leaked the price would have this modular Alcatel around phone of 320 euros, which would be presented on Feb. 26. No doubt wake up us curiosity the possibility that Alcatel can launch a modular phone when this function does not enjoy too much acceptance, to see what offers us signature so it copper a major attraction.

A modular phone of Alcatel article could arise next month was published in MovilZona.

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