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A mobile phone with dual camera economic? The Huawei 6 X will be your choice

A few weeks ago had the opportunity to meet some of the features of the Huawei Honor 6 X after passing through the Tena. Today know that said smartphone, that is characterized by count with a double Chamber rear, is presented very possibly the next 18 of October. He model would be the renewal of the since of the range medium in which is placed currently the Huawei Honor 5 X, by what presumably the new model is placed as an option more economic that the Huawei Honor 8, that also debuted in August with it cited double camera back.

The adoption of dual rear camera seems to become one of the trends during the last stretch of this year. To the first models that opted for this technical-see is the LG G5-is have added gradually more options. So did Apple with its iPhone Plus 7. Huawei was another of manufacturers who bet on the qualities and extra features of a dual sensor and showed it in their P9 Huawei and Huawei P9 Plus. However, Asians took one step further to confer the same feature to the Huawei Honor 8. This movement was supposed to bring this technology to the range media, a strategy that the Chinese manufacturer will boost to take the double rear camera to the Huawei Honor 6 X.

6 Honor X could very soon with a dual camera

Huawei Honor 6 X, also with double Chamber

As already indicated, the Huawei Honor 6 X passed by them dependencies of the Tena in Chinese will make a couple of weeks. Data stored by this organization not allowed us to know in depth the tab technical model, which is unusual. On the other hand, the publication of pictures of the team left patent one of the features this Huawei Honor Star 6 X. We are referring, as you have pointed out, to the configuration of dual rear camera to be disposed together with the fingerprint reader.Doble cámara del Huawei Honor 6X

Huawei Honor 8 sheet

Now, according to the Asian press, this Huawei Honor X 6 will be presented on October 18 in an event planned in China. There will have occasion of know with all luxury of details the features of the model, but also the price to which will debut, as well as the date for its launch commercial.

A more economical choice

The important and relevant news is that it assumes the honour Huawei 6 X as a model less in features and price to Huawei Honor 8. Of this mode, the brand would be giving a step more for democratize an of them features more striking of them recent smartphones of high range in models more contained in performance, but also in price. Thus, while Huawei Honor 8 can be purchased at the official store of the firm at a preferred price of 399 euros, we hope that Huawei Honor 6 X reduces that cost below 300 euros. Finally and after, Huawei honour 5 X is currently registered with an official price of 240 euros.

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