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A hoax of the iPhone 7 invites to be drilled to recover the minijack connector

It is clear that the iPhone 7 is still current just two weeks after your presentation. Its role is still Max and so their specifications for the different tests that they are underway to know the limits of the new terminal of the Cupertino. Some have carried this to the end and have got spread a bulo of the iPhone 7 that consists in drilling it to recover the old connector minijack that had the iPhone 6s.

As we said, testing that is being tested iPhone 7 are more diverse, as one which made echo yesterday and that offers us a comparison speed of 7 against the 6s iPhone iPhone.

A hoax of the 7 iPhone that can get very expensive

Unfortunately as in so many facets of life there is always who intentionally or not it ends up influence others to perform little recommended acts with enough value, as in this case an iPhone 7objects. This time has been a youtuber who had the brilliant idea of drilling the 7 iPhone to retrieve the minijack connection that this model has lost with respect to its predecessor. The video shows how literally you can drill the bottom of the iPhone 7 with a bit of the thickness of the minijack, with the aim of being able to connect the headphones.

In this hilarious video is can see how after making the drill this Youtuber introduces again the connector minijack in the iPhone 7 and enjoy of the music as if work of truth this daredevil tutorial. Obviously the video rather than a serious tutorial had performed with a certain sense of irony that seems it was not caught by enough users Terminal. Since short nor lazy many gave it for good and started to drill its iPhone 7 with the aim of recovering the minijack connection.

Bulo del iPhone 7

As it is logical, none able to recover it and they saw with the iPhone 7 in some cases unusable. Something that led many to show their indignation with the youtuber and this questionable video. As it is logical anyone with a minimum of common sense would believe is this video, but there is always who the end which means more can. In any case it is a hoax of the iPhone 7 which we must try more as an anecdote that as something serious, in fact we resist thinking that there have been people who really have followed the game to this youtuber, although for tastes, colors.

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