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A graph shows the technological advances that have been needed to manufacture the iPhone

Have you ever wondered what was necessary so that today we can enjoy the latest generation of smartphones? Not only QuartSoft boys have wondered, but it wanted to offer a strong graphics-shaped response. This thorough work has been mainly developed on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the iPhone. In fact, the graphics collects all the milestones of technology needed to give rise to the components that today give life to the Apple mobile. Don’t miss the scheme because it is priceless.

We don’t have more to stop and look closely at every detail of an iPhone, either on the inside as it is on the outside. They have been needed for many years – and we talk about hundreds-of research and discoveries by science so that today we can enjoy the smart phones. However, very likely the vast majority we are not aware of the scientific basis that mankind has had to build up to be applied to electronic technology.Infografía iPhone

A stack of events

You just have to open the computer graphics and dive by the tangle of schemes that are drawn in a plane necessary advances, some of which date back centuries. Diversified by materials (connectivity, battery, camera, screen, Internet and computing), each item is thoroughly broken down into a timeline in which the crucial moments are set so that today it is possible to enjoy the iPhone and its components as such. So, for example, we can see the domino effect of the chart for more than one millennium, when the Greek such of Mileto put on the table information on this phenomenon that ultimately would serve to lay the groundwork for electricity and give rise to the discovery of other components such as the battery, where Benjamin Franklin in turn triggered the chain of events necessary to give shape to the today’s lithium battery.

Computer graphics with detail

As you can see, each and every one of the sections is dissected in detail, so if you are interested in this type of references we recommend that you apply zoom on computer graphics and browse with patience to the point of manufacture of the first iPhone. If you is impossible to follow the graphic by their dimensions, also have of a line chronological collected in text so you is more simple of consult from screens more compact, as can be it of the own smartphone.

Full graphics

Chronology of computer graphics in text

The article graph shows us the technological advances that have been needed to manufacture the iPhone was published in MovilZona.

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