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9 nexus: Google puts an end to their updates in Nougat

Google has released the beta of Android 7.1. 2 this night in all models that received Android Nougat and who were enrolled to the program Google developers, except two exceptions, the 6 Nexus and Nexus 9tablet. So, the firm of Mountain View seems to put an end to the support of the product line that launched to the market in 2014, somewhat unexpectedly, since with previous models updates lasted much more.

For example, last year, with the Nexus 5, Google gave support to the terminal until the latest corrections of Marshmallow, although the cries began to be heard once the Mountain View company release initial Android N. code In any case, it is possible that both devices are eventually updated equal, when the stable versionis displayed. However, this situation, as little, da has of that the support officer is near end.

Nexus 9: shadows more lights, and even then…

As I have mentioned several times in TabletZona, Nexus 9 is my personal device. I bet it because the union between HTC and Google seemed really promising and anything imported that year to be rise prices of new terminals with respect to past generations. Have that tell that to me me has served very well, but also that it had enjoyed perhaps more with a processor Snapdragon, because the Tegra K1 immediately began to show me lags.

fondos de pantalla android 7

On the other hand, I am sure that for Google the Nexus 9 has been a complete disappointment. The tablet was quickly removed from the Play Store and rebates and discounts reached really soon, which is always indicative that sales are not up to. Little more or less we can say of the Nexus 6, perhaps, the generation misunderstood of smartphones of the signature of the Finder. Too expensive and too big for many.

What leave us Android 7.1.2?

As point MovilZona partners, the update to 7.1.2 Android will not bring anything out of the ordinary. More arrays of stability, correction of bugs, and a launch in stable version within a maximum period of two months.

On the other hand, should take into account that Google last year began to release the first beta of Nougat in the month of March, for which and neither is both. It remains to be seen if this year is repeated the scheme and those of Mountain View put in place a new system of betas for Android soon.

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