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8 iPhone is already developing in 2017

Or at least is what says business Insider, who have contacted with an employee of the company in Israel, base of operations from where is would be developing part of the hardware of the following terminal of the company that of time is called iPhone 8.

When 7 iPhone still has to prove everything and still fails to be neither a month on sale, we officially open the season of rumors over the iPhone 8. Specifically it makes Bussines Insider who has got contact with an employee of Apple that is in the headquarters of the company in Israel, specifically in Herzliya, from where is is designing part of the hardware of the new team.

This “deep throat” offers a series of rumors, also corroborated by another reference in this Apple, MacRumors website, says that the company is developing the next terminal that would in 2017, and that we would be talking about an iPhone 8 and not an iPhone 7s.

Not there this time iPhone 7s? Perhaps

Well let’s start by remembering that the coming year is not any date for the company. It’s the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, since the 2007 when Steve Jobs introduced the world the first Apple phones – and the rest, as they say, is history-.

concepto del iPhone 8

However, although the company can refer to this team as the “iPhone 8“, for being the eighth different team model, you could really change name. Remember that when MacOS spent of the version 9 to the 10, the company it christened as MacOS X. There are many who claim that it will happen as with the iPhone and the year coming, on the occasion of the launch of the team, we will receive a iPhone X.

Other theories, in view of the iPhone is that Apple, as a commemoration of the first iPhone, will bring to market an mid-range model inspired by the design of the first of their smartphones, to later launch iPhone 7s as it would be expected.

Or who knows if this time the current model will renew at the same time that it launches the new (this is already a personal assumption of our). Undoubtedly the keynote of 2017 will be even more interesting than any of the previous ones, that there is no doubt.

concepto del iphone 8

Give details of how the iPhone 8

The source of business Insider said that the new iPhone 8 would have with a camera improved, something that seems quite logical but then not gave many more details of the team.

Apparently, the plant which has the Californian company – which quite big mouth is full of employees – in Israel is the second largest in the world of Apple dedicated to the r & d of the company, especially focused on themes of chips, memory, storage, cameras and wireless technologies development.

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