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7 iPhone experience problems with vehicles BMW Bluetooth

After a couple of weeks on sale, users of the iPhone 7 have had opportunity to test more thoroughly the terminal. The user experience now reports various problems detected, all related to the wireless connectivity of the smartphone. In first place, is has detected that the Bluetooth of the iPhone 7 don’t works correctly in vehicles of the brand BMW. Similarly, it has been found that some users of the North American operators can not enjoy the 4 G connection with guarantees since the smartphone loses signal LTE.

As all commercial launch of an electronic device, this does not get rid of be analyzed thoroughly by the general public. Its use in the day to day leaves see in many occasions errors in his performance that or it own brand detects in their processes of test. In the case of the iPhone 7, Apple smartphones last is causing problems of wireless connectivity, as those affected in the official forums of the company reported.

Cuts of Bluetooth in BMW vehicles

One of the more widespread impacts on Apple forums hangs over the poor functioning of the iPhone Bluetooth 7 and the German BMW brand vehicles. According to the report of those affected, a time synchronized the Bluetooth with the system of connectivity of the car, is produce cuts and even is impossible play music in streaming since this is stops to them five seconds approximately. Them reviews of who is have seen affected coincide in that this error is repeats in cars of the brand germana, mainly, although also is have given cases of others brands as Kia or Hyundai.iPhone 7 conectado al sistema Bluetooth de un coche BMW

Faced with this problem, customer service tells those affected to update the Connected Drive software, even if the error is repeated. Before this insistence of the failed, it own BMW has declared that is has put in contact with Apple to fix it. Thus, it is in the hands of the Californian manufacturer remedied this failure by future updates.

7 iPhone has problems with the airplane mode

Impossible to connect to networks 4 G

Another problem experienced by users of the iPhone 7 are related to the 4G connection. Apparently, occur connection cuts favouring the disconnection of 4G networks, giving way to reconnect, but this time only to networks 2G or 3 G. Subsequently, 7 iPhone is not able to reconnect under the LTE technology. So as, those affected have pointed that is come forced to activate the mode aircraft so the team again to connect correctly. This error is being somewhat annoying post which, in addition to not be able to enjoy the benefits of 4 G, in cases in which calls are VoLTE, the possibility of making use of the calling service is lost.

In principle, these errors have been recorded in the U.S., under the umbrella of operators such as Verizon or AT & T, and there is no evidence of it happening the same thing in Spain. However, will have to be alert to possible complaints from our country to check if it really is a failure of compatibility with American operators networks or if, on the contrary, it is a generalized failure of the iPhone 7.

In the way that is, Apple will have to take note of unintended errors to hit update. When the release will occur is an open question, although it is true that signature bite Apple tends to act promptly in cases such as the portrayed.

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