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7.0 Android Nougat: making contact in our Nexus 9

Is finished the betas: Android 7.0 Nougat already is stable since Google began to distribute the update in the devices Nexus and the Pixel C. This morning, the new version has reached the Nexus 9 we had enrolled in the program of betas for Android developers, which can give you a first strokes of what will be the successor of Marshmallow, a bet of the Mountain View for improved continuity.

Before nothing, if want are owners of one of them Nexus compatible with Nougat, so only must register it in the program of betas so it OTA of Android 7.0 you reaches of way immediately. We have read on the other hand, at PocketNow that this program is not going to stop send new updates from time to time, so maybe it would be good to remove the terminal of this program once you have installed the new version if you want to stay in a stable system. Or at least, spend a few days.

How to register in the program of betas for Android Developers

Nexus 6P y Nexus 9 programa de betas

First impression: everything goes much more quickly

It is perhaps a little fruit of the circumstances, but I finished accustomed to the Nexus 9 out jerks. First, never have got that the processors Tegra I work as the Snapdragon. After a time came the lag and in the tablet of Google and HTC this was very evident. Logically, to the install a system Android in beta the thing worsened much. Ended up using the device only to try the news that were coming and much less in my use daily, in which just ran some game or threw Netflix to the Chromecast when.

Android Nougat instalacion

To the test Android Nougat in the device this morning it first that me has surprised is it rather than going all. It Nexus 9 has returned to recover the fluidity of them first days and can jump of a task to another, move me by them menus and see their transitions to greater speed of which I am accustomed even in the Nexus 6 p. I definitely think that I will use much more this tablet now.

Android Nougat looks slightly different

Since then, no is the change more important. In fact, if have followed the program of betas, you’ll find little or no novelty in version stable. The quick settings menu has changed slightly (by true, Yes there is a night mode). Also it have made the notifications that now are grouped of form more intelligent, and is can discard or noted for “read more afternoon”. Some screen of them Settings General also have suffered modifications, for example, the section battery wins a new interface, with icons of greater size and all and each one of those paragraphs show some type of information prior.

HTC Nexus 9 ajustes generales android Nougat

On the other hand, if you drag from the bottom, there is no pop-up menu. Although could see some progress of this development of Google, has painted of that that is for next updates.

Android Nougat begins to reach the Nexus devices

Conclusions and expectations for upcoming deliveries

An of them issues that more I want to try of Android 7.0 is the new profile aggressive of Doze. By now not have could be aware of until what point becomes the saving of energy when not are using the tablet but, presumably, this new configuration goes to get large advances, detecting when is saved or on a table for reduce to the minimum its activity. It remains to be seen if that doesn’t generate any malfunctions or side effects.

Android Nougat bateria

It is somewhat strange that a new version of the Android system will not next to a Nexus device. In fact, the LG V20 will be the first handset to launch to the market with Nougat factory. The feeling that we have is that this stable version is a simple base, continuation of the betas with everything working perfectly, but what really hides the treasure of the new is what is to come in the new generation Nexus Terminal. Much has been said native 3D Touch on Android or even the pop-up menu in the lower area; and it gives us the impression that both will be Android orbefore.

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