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7.0 Android Nougat also unofficially reaching the Nexus 4

Now is available the first ROM with Android 7.0 Nougat for the Nexus 4. The model banished by Google can run most of the new features included in the latest update thanks to a port of Android 7.0, as it has made known its developer. By the time the ROM not is fully functional since it has bugs in sections such as the camera, but it is a step for this mythical smartphone owners can continue to enjoy the latest flavor of Android.

The Nexus 4 had a great success among users for being one of the first Nexus of high performance at a contained price. The relation price-performance and the attractive of them updates secured made of the model a buy interesting. However, technical support received by the terminal by Google is currently limited to security updates and patches. Despite the limitations imposed by the big G, the terminal still enjoying the latest versions of Android thanks to alternative developers and Android Nougat is no exception.Nexus 4 en negro

Android 7.0 for the Nexus 4, with ROM port

You can now download and install Android Nougat in Google Nexus 5

He announced official of Android 7.0 Nougat left a taste sweet and sour. Google it introduced as update for their main devices Nexus, but left outside to terminals mythical as the Nexus 5. The Scene Android not took in react and just two days after the release of the version AOSP is compiled the first ROM with flavor to nougat to the Nexus 5. Now it happens the same with other models that already does not have major as the Android 7.0, the Nexus 4 upgrades.

Download and installation

As we can see in the thread of XDA in which the developer has published his work, the ROM works partially. Calls, wireless connections… defects the brightness adjustment bar and the sound of the system. That Yes, at the moment do not work camera, NFC or sensors such as the accelerometer or GPS.

Google is preparing an update for Android Nougat and would include as Android 7.1

The installation of Android 7.0 Nougat in the Nexus 4 not poses difficulty any for whom already available of the smartphone rooted and with recovery alternative. It is only necessary to download the file that contains the ROM, install it using the aforementioned recovery and run. You have all the instructions and necessary files in this thread XDA.

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