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7.0 Android Moto Z play at the starting line

One of the updates that is most eagerly awaited by everyone who has an Android device is Android 7.0 Nougat. This update is one of the largest in terms of performance, since it improves the efficiency of the terminal and energy expenditure. Today, the news that I bring is that is already testing Android 7 to Moto Z Play.

Lenovo G Moto and Moto Z is wearing very well in terms of updates. Their devices, usually to be always the first to upgrade, since Google updated their Nexus. We already told you that the G4 and G4 Plus bike already were updating to Android 7, but still missing to reach all of the range bike Z.

Android 7 to Moto Z Play is very close

We are these days talking much about updates. It is usually, by this time, when begin to update all terminals to the latest version of Android, taking into account that in the second half of last year is when Google releases the official update. Today we are going to talk about this version in one of the best devices of Lenovo, the Moto Z Play year-round. This device is the Moto Z Play.

Android 7 para el Moto Z Play

I have months ago that the Moto G4 and the Moto Z would officially receive Android 7.0 Nougat, but could not give dates of when that company had not acted on the matter. Us strange enough which, as mentioned above, the Moto G4, which are less powerful than the Moto Z Playdevices, already are updating, and this still does not.

Today we have been able to hear that Android 7 to Moto Z Play already being tested, which means that the development of this latest final version is missing some to exit. The date of departure of this update should be in March, a month later than the Moto G4.

Already have heard the first rumors of the following Moto Z, that will take some features quite powerful, but us strange that one of them mobile more powerful of the year last of Lenovo, is of them last in update. We will see how try to fix this Lenovo and how it works the update, since surely, users of this mobile will not be so happy to see that a mobile phone from the same company and that it costs half, update much before a nearly high-end mobile.

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