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5 references that you did not know about the smartphones that you use every day

When we use our devices, can access to information and content of all the world with only press on the screen of them themselves. The speed and the breakdown of barriers until recently very high offering these platforms have transformed different areas. On the other hand, we have more powerful terminals that have helped millions of people to improve their productivity at work, or to have a better quality of life thanks to its inclusion in areas such as education. Previously, I’ve told more about how are inside our tablets and smartphones so you can better understand the functioning of these tools that have brought new possibilities to many.

However, the terminals are more than a set of chips, circuits, and chemical and electrical reactions and it is possible to find dozens of anecdotes that we were unaware about the same. If before you had a series of tricks and tips to improve the life of your models, or what can be its cost environmental, today, you have a series of references that can call as minimum the attention and that have much that see with these tools. Did you know that the first call through a mobile phone occurred 43 years ago?


1. a Nexus become astronaut

Currently, them smartphones possess a series of certificates that guarantee its resistance to the water or to the powder, but, and to them conditions of radioactivity and cold of the space outside? To try to discover what are the limits of this support to the conditions that are far from our planet, in 2013, a British firm launched a device called a Nexus One that his whereabouts are currently unknown. Will it become the first phablet to reach the Moon?

2 and the best-selling phone is…

Although currently, companies like Samsung and Huawei lead the market both tablets and other formats, and while overall, are by checking records between all models exceeding 1,000 millions of terminals sold in only one year, the truth is that only a firm has managed to launch a model that has pulverized all brands. It is Nokia, which while today you are in a complex situation as we all know, in its day became leader. We have an example in the 1100, a traditional mobile phone which exceeded 250 million units sold.

nokia c9

3. sea of bacteria

The fact that many people are glued to their smartphones throughout the day, resulting in falls and its presence in environments that are too unsanitary to have its impact on devices. Is believes that at least 1 of every 6 is infected with bacteria fecal and that in some cases, can overcome is the 100,000 particles by each centimeter square of them themselves. Tip: clean hands and screens clean to avoid trouble. But here it doesn’t, since in relation to hygiene, estimated that there are more tablets and smartphones that toilets in the world. When it became the technology at one higher priority than the health and quality of life?

4 Android and Blade Runner

The software more used of the world and an of them works master of the science fiction keep a relationship close. The film starring Harrison Ford and based on a novel called “Would you Androids Dream of electric sheep?” are characters in robots that they bear a resemblance to Andy, green creature that has become an icon not only among users of the platform of Mountain View, but also, in a milestone in the world of technology.

blade runner

5. a glance every 6 minutes

Addiction to new technologies and in particular, tablets and smartphones, is becoming a serious problem. Them more young are them more prone to suffer disorders related with the electronic of consumption as for example the “phubbing“, based in a dependency total of them devices that makes that who it suffer, prioritize them relations through the screens. Many have State in a quotation or with our friends, and have been witnesses of as some of them have last all their time with them terminals, generating situations uncomfortable. On average, a person reaches attend your device more than 150 times a day.

From those references or experiments that can be positive to create products more resistant, until some shadows in the sector which can become real obstacles for millions of people, there are dozens of anecdotes that demonstrate, once again, that the field of electronics is full of surprises and is not something static. Do you know any of the facts that I have told? Can no more think of you? You have available more information as for example, a list of striking aspects of Android that also are unknown so you can learn more about the mysteries that hide behind the Green robot platform.

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