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5 free programs for rooting your Android smartphone

One of the aspects that most attracts people to Android is the subject of the root. Therefore, that many times, people prefer to buy an Android phone instead of one with iOS, since they have the opportunity to extend the life or put different features to their phones, something that can not be done on an iPhone. Because today, we are going to bring some forms so that you can access these functions on your Android, andthat we bring you 5 free programs for rooting your smartphone Android.

In MovilZona, we already have a complete guide about several things related to the root, as in certain devices how to install the latest version of Android, but many times, a lot of people would like to have access to these functions, only have fear of not knowing how to do this, as root your Android mobile to actions such as increase battery OnePlus 3 thanks to a kernel , but today, I will try to make this easier with programs for root your Android smartphone in a simple and free way.


rootear tu smartphone Android

The first free program that we are going to show is very simple. First, you have to download it from their official website. After that, we will have to have connected our Android Smartphone to your computer, that the program recognizes it, select the Toolkit option, and hence give you root now. We remind you that, in this as in other programs, the USB debugging must be enabled.


rootear tu smartphone Android

KingoRoot easier, surely, one of the programs, and that the others are also very easy to follow. Simply with USB debugging enabled, connect your mobile phone, and we will get on screen our phone and rootoption. You give that Yes and hope that is rooted the device. We will get a percentage to see how the process goes.


rootear tu smartphone android

Another freebie for root your Android smartphone is iRoot. This program follows exactly the same steps as the KingoRoot. Connecting the device to the PC, and giving the root option. The differential that has this program is that to the rootearlo, it will give us an option to return to the normal state, i.e., remove the root of our Mobile Android.

Root Genius

rootear tu smartphone Android

Same process as others, also free, and an interface much nicer than others. We have to simply enable options of development options, connect your device and give you the option of rooting. This time, do not have any options that allow us to make the reverse action, so just leave us rootearlo and now.


rootear tu smartphone Android

KingRoot is another free program that works very well for root your Android smartphone, and that it has the same mechanism as the other programs, but the bad news is that all the user interface is in Chinese, although it is not difficult to guess what to do on each occasion, since the word root is not localized, so you just have to give that button once the program recognizes it.

Rooting your Android smartphone in the easiest way

All these applications work just as well for root your Android smartphone, but from here, other than warn you that, like any other root process, these programs can be somehow changed some settings of the mobile phone, we recommend that you use the first programme, since it is the most comprehensive and the only one that brings more features besides just root.

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