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4 new features coming to Xiaomi Mi5 with Android 7.0

On 23 November, Xiaomi officially launched the first Android 7.0 update in beta for its current flagship. Although initially the MIUI 8 interface and the functions of the operating system are the same, there are a series of improvements and new features coming to Xiaomi Mi5 with Android 7.0.

Five days have passed since then, long enough for the users who have been able to try the beta Android 7.0 in the Xiaomi Mi5 thanks to the latest update of MIUI 8. In fact users have already have noticed many improvements and new features in addition to the typical mistakes and failure characteristic of this type of beta.

These are the major changes you are viewing in the different Xiaomi Mi5 with Android 7.0 that already appear on the network.

android nougat

Improved boot speed

We are aware that it is a little frustrating to wait until phone turns completely. Lto speed of boot MIUI 8 always has been quick and now with the arrival of Android 7.0 to the Xiaomi my 5 the speed of boot is has improved significantly. In comparison, the smartphone takes only 103 seconds in turn is since is press the button of on, to get to the screen from home. Meanwhile, the old Android 6.0 takes 321 seconds.

Better recognition of fingerprints

As it happens with the time that takes to boot the terminal, recognition of fingerprint biometric sensor terminal Xiaomi star also has been improved, reported with the installed beta users.


Bar of search in the Gallery

To facilitate them users of MIUI locate images and catches of screen or any type of image discharged in the album of the smartphone is has introduced a bar of search in the part superior of the gallery that facilitates to them users find it image desired in little time.

Greater speed of installation

Apart from the speed of boot and of the recognition of traces, Android 7.0 in the Xiaomi Mi5 also carries an increase of the speed at the time of install any type of application downloaded from Google Play in the system.

In definitive, although level of interface not found any change apparent, the Xiaomi Mi5 with Android 7.0 shows evident improvements of performance that get that the experience of use, when the software this polished, is much best in the famous ship logo of the brand Chinese. If it want to can check by you same them virtues and the defects of the beta of Android 7.0 downloading it from the Forum of MIUI.

Article 4 news coming to Xiaomi Mi5 with Android 7.0 was released in MovilZona.

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