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360 Battery Plus, an app to increase the battery of your tablet

Yesterday you talked of them different types of batteries that can find us in our tablets and smartphones e did a brief review to them components existing in the last and to what could be by coming in the next years. Autonomy has become a pillar of the devices and, as we have on other occasions, all the improvements carried out in this respect will be important to achieve more balanced global results.

Improvements incorporated, operating systems, and other elements such as the dimensions increase, or the incorporation of technologies of fast charge are added plenty of applications such as 360 Battery Plus. Then you have more features on it and check what can be their points strong, but also, their weaknesses, respect to other platforms similar.

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As its name indicates, this application is directed to improve the life useful of the battery of the terminals. On the one hand, it detects which functions and tools are consuming more resources and notifies you. To the same time, and according to its creators, reduces them times of load and closes of way automatic all them processes that are running in a second flat and that also affect in the operation optimum of them themselves.

Interface simple

Another of the points strong of 360 Battery Plus, is the mode of show the information. Through graphic, shows the consumption by stripes time, the temperature of the battery, that the app is of decrease if reaches a figure high, and finally, has of a system of load safe that is charge of control the step of the current electric with the objective of avoid overheating during them different phases. It also has a sleep mode that detects when the device is not being used and that is aimed to further cut spending.


360 Battery Plus not have no cost initial, what le has served to get over 10 million of users. Although to first view, not need of shopping integrated, and despite has been well received by have a good performance, also has been criticized by consume data and by errors in them updates that is translated later in closures, unexpected.

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Do you think that this application can be an alternative to consider within its genre? You think that there are other platforms more complete that also help to optimize the consumption of elements as the memory? You have available more information as for example, a list of tricks to maximize the autonomy of your tablets and smartphones.

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