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18 months in prison for stealing photos of famous naked from iCloud

Do you remember the uproar that was generated in summer of 2014 when were filtered infinity of pictures of famous nude? More than 100 Hollywood celebrities were violated his privacy when a “hacker” managed to steal five hundred photographs that appeared without clothing of their smartphones. Since then, the FBI and US authorities have worked to clarify the facts and uncover the culprit. After two years, today has been made official the judgment which obliges Ryan Collins, the defendant, to 18 months in prison.

In August 2014 came to the fore news that toured the world. Available forums from 4Chan flooded hundreds of photos of famous nudes, mostly women. Greater filtration of this type of content to date was initially attributed to smartphones – iPhone – hacking of those affected. A fact that brought to debate the safety of such devices, which store an infinite number of files containing sensitive data and multimedia content. Subsequently, some of the affected pointed directly at Apple by a security flaw of iCloud. However, subsequent investigations clarified that it turned out to be a case of phishing. Behind the engineering social necessary are several accused. For one of them, Ryan Collins; North American based in Lancaster – Pennsylvania – US Justice is punishment.

More than 500 pictures of famous nude

The Celebgate had global impact by the massification of the filtration and the relevance of the victims, mostly celebrities. Actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence, Amber Head, Kate Upton and singers like Hillary Duff and Rihanna looked at how Internet broadcasting out of control across different platforms intimate photos. At first believed that the abduction of photos was due to the iPhone hacking to later all eyes on a possible toiCloud security hole, the service of backup in the cloud of Apple.Copia de seguridad de fotos en iCloud

However, the first inquiries descartaron a failure of security in this service since the action was associated to phishing. Collins, the defendant, sent e-mails to more than 600 people. This posing as Apple and Google, requested user name and password for their account. Using this technique, managed, at least 50 accounts iCloud and other 72 Google for later to steal more than 500 intimate photos of celebrities. Hence the action of the hacker behind that outside known subsequently as the Celebgate.

Sentence final

After more than two years, today referred to the judgment of the case accusing Ryan Collins, who carried out the maneuver that has affected more than 100 famous and in total, more than 600 victims. The accused, who already pleaded guilty to acts of piracy and scam (was bribing models) last may, will have to enter in prison for 18 months. The sentence implies a substantial reduction from the initial request of five years in prison and a fine of $250,000. And it is that Collins has not been finally charged photos, but the theft of the same filtration.

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