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17th FIFA (or FIFA Mobile Football) is now available for Android

Finally reached one of the classics of every year to Androiddevices. It is the most popular soccer mobile game and tablets: the 17th FIFA which this year happens to be called FIFA Mobile Football. The change of name is no accident, and is that although it’s a game born in game consoles and PC, the proliferation of smartphones of the past years has made is implements specific touch controls to maximize the experience.

Just two weeks after the start of the League Spanish 2016-17, EA launched its popular soccer game for mobile and tablets, with the clear aim of maintain referent, and favorite users, despite the enormous attention that are getting some manager or other titles in the genre oriented to different mechanical. The gameplay based on touch screen controls is the key.

What’s new with FIFA Mobile Football

Logically, the first thing is the name. The classic series numbering is lost to leave room to a name that refers specifically to its condition of game designed for mobile devices. As a result also is the fact that now this title occupy less than 100 MB in memory of our Android, and is that EA has worked to Polish their development and not eat excessive resources on computers which, by definition, are lightweight.

FIFA 17 puntuaciones

In terms of game modes, we will have additions to the usual. The classics of campaign, as director, League, daily challenges or live events is attached on this occasion a mode shift, which at first glance seems inspired by the role, although it obviously comes into play the soccer component since the decisions correspond to tactical systems and management of possessions.

Download now the new FIFA

Here is the link to the new FIFA Mobile football or FIFA 17.

WP-Appbox: FIFA Mobile Football (free, Google Play) →

To correspond with the new leagues already have all the teams and players updated and, as always, original. The licenses of the game include more than 17,000 players, 650 teams and 30 leagues. The game, that Yes, requires a permanent Internet connection.

FIFA 17 puntuaciones

By now the tab is visible in Google Play but we have only option to register will alert us when uploaded the game. However, the apk Yes can be in Uptodown, as comment on our colleagues in The free Android. In this case, the discharge is also free and occupies less than 60 megabytes.

Download FIFA 17 from Uptodow by following this link

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